Abseiling is an adventurous but controlled descent by a rope or chain down gorges and kloofs. The activities below take place in the spectacular environment of the Tsitsikamma.

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Abseiling Storms River Adventures (Storms River)
A 35-metre abseil, ideal for all adventure seekers irrespective of experience, starts with a 35m trek down solid face via a rope ladder. With views of the gorge and Paul Sauer Bridge, the descent continues into a kloof. Ascent from the gorge via a chain ladder. Professionals on hand for assistance.
Tel: +27 42 2811 836
Cell:  +27 76 473 9541 
Abseiling Africanyon (The Crags)

First timer, novice or seasoned and under our professional guidance, navigate through the river shallows, jump, zip-line, swim through fresh-water mountain pools, slide down natural water slides and abseil in and around waterfalls as you dip down into the river gorge.

Tel: +27 44 534 8055 | Cell: +27 82 323 4349
info@africanyon.com | www.africanyon.com
Abseiling Afriabseil (The Crags)

Descend a 50 meter cliff-face into a riverbed. Your double guide-controlled decent allows you the time to take in great views. More than just an abseil. This neat little route is exposed, some may say a little “extreme”.

Tel: +27 44 534 8055 | Cell: +27 82 323 4349
info@afriabseil.com | www.africanyon.com

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